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Besides taking a cruise with Salty Dayz Adventures

I know, I know it may be very strange for one tourism company to write up a list of other things to do in their community, but we truly believe we are all in this together!

Now more than ever we need to support each other!

Seattle is a unique city in itself. Whether you are new to the Pacific Northwest or a local, one can't deny the charm of the Emerald City. If you hit Seattle on a sunny day you may never want to leave. With the surrounding waters reflecting off the skyscrapers causing the illusion that they are green, it is truly a sight to be seen. Seattle allows you to express yourself in any way possible: from fancy wine to guzzling coffee, the highest concentration of tech companies to old traditional scandinavian community, you are always able to find your niche among the local population. From the highly concentrated tech company workers to the old Scandinavian community surrounding the Ballard locks. From Alaska's staging area for commercial fisherman to Birkenstock wearing college kids, the list keeps going. You have the ability to find your people in Seattle.

Surrounded by blue water, green trees and snow capped mountains, this city is a paradise for the imaginative, the active and the hard working. There's nothing more romantic than sipping coffee on a grey, rainy day (re: sleepless in Seattle), but seattelites know rain isn't something to keep them indoors. Seattalites have learned that rain isn't something to keep them indoors.

So without further ado, a list of the 10 best things to do in Seattle!

Take a Boat Cruise with Salty Dayz Adventures

Yes I know you saw this coming, but hey we can't not give ourselves a plug!

Come take a cruise with us! Seattle is meant to be experienced from the water. The city breathes in the salty, ocean air and exhales into the blue-collar Ballard locks, where the working harbor is one of the oldest and most important pieces to our cities history. Take a cruise with Salty Dayz Adventures to see the gorgeous Seattle Skyline, the Space Needle, Gasworks Park, the floating house community, and watching the sea planes take off and land. We don't offer just your typical Lake Union cruise, a tour with us is unique! We start at Fisherman's Terminal, which is a working harbor. Here you can experience Alaska fishing vessels, tug boats, large cruise ships, barges and the docks. You never know what you will see in the shipyard or the Fremont Cut! This is the local's side of the fishing industry in Seattle, all narrated by Capt. Jack Molan. We take you on a cultural experience of true Seattle.

Keep in mind that Lake Union cruises aren't all we offer either! Getting married soon? Get your wedding photos taken on board the JoAhna K. Got a week off and want to enjoy the open air while learning nuances of boating? Plan an custom charter with us! Most common option is an epic multi-day adventure in the San Juan Islands.

Escape the Ordinary!

2. Seattle Underground Tour

I love secret hidden places! Maybe it's just me, but knowing there is an underground city is pretty dang cool! Take a tour of the underground original neighborhoods of Seattle! It's creepy and awesome. This tour isn't expensive and gives you a great history lesson. Also, the tour is only 1 hour long, so get underground after breakfast or before happy hour!

3. Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a well known gem of Seattle. Established in 1907 for farmers and fisherman to sell their harvests at, the local market is clearly still thriving today! Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, you will still find locals buying and selling fresh produce and fish, along with other tasty treats! (Try the smoked salmon, you won't regret it). Also craftsman and artists come to display their artwork that celebrates the PNW. It's a great place to walk around and find yourself something to keep that is uniquely Seattle. Out front take a picture with the massive market sign or rub the bronze pig for good luck. Across from Pike Place Market is the original Starbucks. Yup, that one tiny coffee shop has made a lot of people very rich! If you get lucky and the line doesn't wrap around the parking lot you can grab a coffee there.

4. Seattle Center

The Seattle Center is a cultural civic outdoor gathering area. Located at the base of the Space Needle, you may want to treat yourself to a lovely afternoon picnic here. The Seattle Center is the city's main hub for events. Music Festivals, Art shows, theater, cultural gatherings, you name it - they host it! With an amazing massive artwalk, large grass parks and fun fountains to play in, the Seattle Center is one of my favorite places to visit. Check their website for the happenings and see if you can catch an event while in Seattle.

While you are at the Seattle Center check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass, a long term exhibit created by Dale Chihuly. Immaculate art exhibits made out of glass, think about it. A glass garden!

5. The Space Needle

Since you will already be in the Seattle Center you HAVE to go up the Space Needle. The views of the city skyline, Elliott Bay and Lake Union are epic from the top! If you are feeling luxurious and want a fine-dining romantic experience with your someone special, enjoy a romantic dinner at the restaurant on top of the Space Needle. While you are seated for this experience you will see 360 degrees views as the Space Needle spins slowly around. It's an staple of the Seattle experience for sure!

6. The Crab Pot

Speaking of dining in Seattle, one place you must go is The Crab Pot! Located on the same pier as Seattle Great Wheel (which is also pretty cool to ride), you can dine on the water. What's so great about this place? It's not just dinner, it's the only time you can forget your table manners while out in public! After ordering off the Seafests menu, your server will line your table with parchment paper and give you a bib (you know eating is going to get rowdy when they give you a bib). Depending on which pot you order, your server tips it upside down on your table. All the seafood will fall out in front of you and that's when you know it's time to dive in - no utensils necessary -( except, of course, your crab shell cracker). Its freshly caught seafood without the fanciness. You just have to dig in and taste it for yourself!

7. The Ballard Locks

Now the Ballard Locks obviously have a special place in our hearts, as they do for any maritime family. The locks represent the gateway to the sea! Where fresh water from Lake union meets salt water from the Puget Sound. Watch as boats of all sizes move from the elevated fresh waters to the Puget Sound and out to the Pacific Ocean. Watch massive fishing vessels bound for Alaska for the next fishing season share a lock with your local tour cruise (re: SaltyDayz Adventures). The locks are awesome! They are a sight to see from a boat, but the locks also include a gorgeous park to walk around and watch the boats maritime scene unfold.

How the locks work:

A lock is a man made waterway for boats to get from one water level to the next. The same thing goes on in the Panama Canal as does the Ballard Locks (just on a smaller scale). As a boat enters from the Puget Sound it is surrounded by massive walls on 2 sides and a massive solid gate straight ahead. Once attached to one of the walls, the solid gate behind the boat closes. The locks then start to fill with water from underneath. Once the water has risen to the correct elevation of Lake Union the front gate opens and boats exit. It's like a boat elevator.

8. Tours on Tours on Tours!

Maybe it's just me but I love worth while tours and extra curricular learning when I'm on vacation. I'm not much a a museum goer but a cool tour is right up my ally, especially if they include food or drink tasting. Some of the neat tours you can take in Seattle include:

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room - Remember how I said the original Starbucks was located across from Pike Place Market? Well the Starbucks headquarters are also located in Seattle. Big surprise I know. If you have never been a coffee tasting tour, DO IT! If you are one who guzzles down gallons of coffee a year like me, it's really neat to learn how coffee is made and then you get to of course taste it all! It will wake you right up in time for your next activity!

Future of Flight Boeing Aviation Center - Yup! Boeing is located in Seattle too. I know by this point you may be wondering what isn't headed in Seattle. At the Future of Flight Center you can take a tour of the Everette Factory where they make some of their airplanes. You can also have an interactive time in the Center as Boeing has set up an experience for guests to learn the profound history of flight.

T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field - Home of the Mariners baseball team, the Seattle Seahawks football team and the Seattle Sounders soccer team. These two fields offer tours which allow backstage access. The tours are informational and you even get to see what box office seats look like and the inside of the locker rooms. You get the history of the fields and some of the famous players who have had a career there.

9. Alki Beach

Alki Beach is a beach near the city with all the beach vibes you may be looking for! Though it is not a Southern California beach, it still offers fun for everything. If you are in Seattle during a nice warm summer day, head to Alki! Beach vendors, ice cream shops, burgers, roller bladders, super cars, and views! Forget the surfboard at home, this beach is on the sound and doesn't have waves, unless a large container ship has just rolled by. Get your tan on in the Pacific Northwest!

10. University of Washington Campus Arboretum in the Spring.

I discovered the splendor of the cherry blossom trees from Kristen Hannah's book Firefly Lane. In the book the characters attend UW and also live in the Seattle Area. She explains how you can always tell spring has sprung due to the cherry blossom trees. Well I had to see it for myself and oh my god! First of all the UW campus is gorgeous on it's own, but in the spring while those tress are blooming it is a magical place. Take a picnic or just take a stroll. You will not be disappointed.

Well there you have if folks! On your next adventure to Seattle, take a tour, drink coffee, go to the beach or dine in a spinner restaurant! Of course we encourage you to also take a cruise with Salty Dayz Adventures! There is so much to experience in Seattle and it's all waiting for you!!! Thanks for reading. I hope you got a bit of insight out of this list. Feel free to contact us with any other super rad things you did in Seattle that we should add to the list!



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