The JoAhna K

It's All About The Boat


Salty Dayz Adventures conducts all charters on the JoAhna K, a classic 58' wooden yacht, designed by William Garden. Built in 1952, the JoAhna K was designed as an expedition class vessel. She is equipped with modern twin diesel engines, a 3,500 mile range, and is capable of taking you safely and comfortably anywhere (how about the Galapagos Islands?). She's lived her entire life in the Pacific Northwest and been meticulously maintained. The JoAhna K was built for adventure. What's your dream trip? BOOK NOW!

Why The Name?

Following in the tradition to name his boat after a female family member, Capt. Jack couldn't choose between his loving wife and two beautiful daughters. Thus, the name JoAhna K was created to honor the three women in his life - his wife Joanne, his oldest daughter Ahna, and his youngest daughter Kirdy.

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