The Salty Crew

It's A Family Affair

Family owned business

Salty Dayz Adventures is a family affair, and we thrive on running a business together. After retiring from maritime in the Bering Sea in 2017, Capt. Jack and the family still yearned for seaward adventures. Owning an adventure tourism boat was a long-awaited dream for the Molan family. Finally, in 2020, this dream came true. Joanne and Jack found the boat of their dreams, The JoAhna K, and along with Salty Dayz Adventures (started by their daughter, Kirdy), they are able to share their family’s love of the sea with others.

The Molans have been an Alaska fishing family for years. Their oldest child, Gus, is a commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, and if you are lucky, you may have a guest Captain experience with him on board. The middle child, Ahna, advises Salty Dayz Adventures on matters of finance and marketing. 

The Molan family is a tight knit crew and have a passion for sharing their love and knowledge of the sea with guests! Come adventure with us!

Trident seafoods

Capt. Jack

Captain and Owner of the JoAhna K

women fisherman

Kirdy Molan

Owner of Salty Dayz Adventures and crew

Active Woman

Joanne Molan

Owner of the JoAhna K and crew

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